Days run like stray dogs, chasing cars. You are all shades of blue, baby, icy, smoke, steel, cerulean, sky. Your skin is sweet like skim milk and your eyes are spires cut sharp against the pallor of your face. You are stubborn and stiff like rising tide and as skittish as sea foam. Your innocence is like a back that hides a knife, you are brutally naive, you are the sea that trapped the sun. I am fire and wild winds; I am all gold and grey. I am the heat and the cold and the fear of the void. I am the night song of the hair, the dance of flames between the sheets. I am the soothing indifference and the roaring desire, the agony of crucifixion and the comfort of embrace. And we are so, so beautiful.

@темы: обо мне, о тебе